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quick tp training for this community
Okay, the point of this thread is to help everyone tp train quick and easy. I will let everyone know the best maps to tp train; all the maps here i found on my own no one helped me, but i would like to help everyone in this community. My theory is that the quickest way to tp train is in a place that has the most likely hood of the certain monster to appear, with that being said lets begin.

lets start with defense and special defense tp training

.If you are building a wall, then central plains is the place for you. within central plains, use a monster radar to fight novairy and satelliary. novairy gives def tp, and satelliary gives sp def tp, the encounter rate of these two monsters is extremely high so you will rarely encounter any other monster therefore getting faster results.

next in line is speed tp training

.speed tp training can be the fastest tp training you ever do. What you want to do is go to eagle ponds and use the monster radar, there you will fight movers, the encounter rate of these monsters is absolute, you will get speed tp training done faster than any other tp training due to this.

now lets move on to special attack tp training

.Special attack is also fairly easy to train, the best way to go is using a perfect net at south beachhead, you shall fight Heshishloo; once again the chances of encountering this monster are extremely high

lastly is attack tp training

.The best map to train attack tp is at south spur, there you will use the monster radar and fight 3 certain monsters blasheep, luxcatty, and snaplant. All three of those monsters give attack tp and the likely hood of them showing is great.

I dont have a special hp tp training spots because hp tp really never needs to be trained, it usually only needs a certain amount of tp on a wall so you can always buy nutrition's of the amount you need, you should never need 400 tp on health, the most you should ever need is 200 and that is the amount you can buy.

well there is my personal list of tp training hot spots, i hope you all use them and make tp training a lot easier on yourselves, enjoy Shy .

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Thank you for this usefull guide. Shy

You can add:

Crane Peninsula for train Attack TP. While using 'Monster Player' you can fight Inferule and Wheegon that give also several XP and gold.

If you want to train HP in order to safe money just use quality net on East Bay and fight Phantguin (65% appear chance)

For a single def-tp training use monster player at Eagle Ponds (50%) or walk through Portal Cave (60%).

thanks guys where do you increase tps?
Edit: I learned thanks intro video Smile
I'll give you guys 1 ,
go to Arena Run where you can use Perfect Net and get Sp Attack and , speed fast , there the only 2 monsters in the water so
it's easy Big Grin
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Thank you for the good guide. Smile

Usually I buy nutritions from shop , it's easy Smile
Eagle ponds, nuff said
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