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our hero begins the adventure!
"hello? professor sand?" Diana asked in what appears to be an empty lab. "be there in just one second Diana! oh and don't touch anything yet!" said a familiar voice. a man walks in and to Diana's surprise it was K. Lamity. "I have what you asked for and i need to ask a favor as well!" K. Lamity seemed cheerful and was acting a bit silly. Diana could only laugh at K. Lamity's silly actions as he walked in. "Oh man where was this when i was asking you about becoming a trainer?" she said trying to not laugh any more. "ah don't worry about that here you go the starter you wanted!" K. Lamity spoke as he gave Diana a moonmon carefully caught in a starball. "wow this must of took forever to get in this.." Diana said knowing that starballs have a terrible time catching anything but is great for getting a monster to be friendly. "oh yes and your universal Dex! made it special from your designs!" This was an amazing piece of work that K. Lamity was giving Diana could of took hours to make by hand. "what were you going to ask me professor K?" Diana asked pondering why he was being so nice when she had to beg him all last month for this. "well... long story short my evil self known as Grand Master Korrupt (yes he uses that "K" in there) has been able to take over the world ever since my machine's finest work and i need someone to beat the many regional final fives and take him down!" just as K. lamity finished this Diana stared at him like he had one to many bumps to the head. "sure if it makes you feel better i accept..." Diana seemed skeptical maybe thought he was crazy even and left. "i am on the road and headed to the first gym at Sunbright city!" she spoke as everyone watched her head off to adventure not knowing that K. Lamity followed in secret hoping to prove he wasn't crazy like his evil split off...

[end part 2 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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