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one gym. one rival. and the sinister shadow seven!
Diana went immediately to the gym once morning hit, basically when she woke up around 7 a.m. The trainers inside had all the basic ground types you can fight, including sandshrew, geodude, two onix, a bunch of sandiles and sandslash, and one trainer with three pythamps, two stunfisk, and a electabuzz for some odd reason. Diana head for gym leader Cassandra for the badge but was just stopped short by Larry!
"so you think you can fight the leader huh? well guess what I'm going to fight you before that!" Larry said in the nastiest tone possible.

Larry sent out a new pokemon in his team first which was a dark agumon (fire/dark) and to counter him Diana sent out her new oshawott and with a mighty water gun (word you never really hear) took out the dark agumon. Larry sent out a renamon (light) and although Larry hit the poor oshawott hard with a shock wave, oshawott wasn't finish with water surrounding it as it charged up oshawott evolved into dewott (water/fighting) and shell razor-ed renamon down. with only his starter Grotle (grass) left dewott simply Karate chopped the thing into fainting.

the gym leader,who saw everything, simply congratulated Diana and gave her the badge for getting that creep (Larry) out of her gym. meanwhile back at Korrupt Kastle (yes really) there is more trouble brewing. "so you understand the problem then?" Korrupt asking his scout B.W. "yes sire I saw how she fought Larry at that gym she's definitely a threat." B.W. spoke to him "we might have to stop her using our secret weapon..." Korrupt saying in a devious tone "you mean?" B.W. sounding excited. "yes get the team together again B.W! the sinister shadow seven must stop her at the elemental seal rooms ASAP!" Korrupt said evilly following it with his signature laughter.
it seems that a new threat to our hero has risen only time will tell how Diana will deal with the sinister shadow seven!

[a note to anyone who reads the story in this story dewott and later on samurott is part fighting, serperior is part dragon, and tepig's second and last evolution is part ground instead of fighting. why? cause it's my story and i like those combos... and yes we will see them later...]
[end part 8 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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