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obligory cave (cause every region has one)
Diana, given directions by the ground leader, was now headed to saikou cave (pronounced psy-ko cave [yes really]). Diana was expecting every zubat and/or woobat to show up to bug her the entire cave but she soon found that the cave was instead infested by ghost and psychic monsters. Diana caught herself a chirit and a female ralts while she was there but near the exit she heard someone or rather two people once she realized who it was. "we have to get out before she shows up jenny!" john said quite spooked from all the ghost "oh please your such a cry baby john." jenny said embarrassed by john. "hey you! stop causing trouble already!" Diana snapped at them spooking john "gahh! she's here now what?" john yelped "we let that nasty gangar gang deal with her!" and of course a gang of 6 gangars showed up and threw the grunts straight out of the cave. Diana used both her new ralts and chirit to take them out but she had to do so with strategy or she'll follow the grunts footsteps in being thrown out. with a cunning plan; Diana used her new teammates to make the gangars fight themselves after a fun battle the ralts became a kirlia and chirit became a specther. once she was out the cave and at dry dry resort she bought a room for the night and rested before the next gym.
meanwhile at an unknown location:
"I will lose to her no more! I cannot understand how she beats me!" larry was at a secret training spot and was heard. "hmm having trouble beating someone? sounds like we both have a problem with some girl.." a mysterious voice said. "who's there? who beside me knows of this place?" larry asked. "I am the leader of team chaos Korrupt and this is my secret breeding grounds for super tough monsters but if i don't beat that trainer Diana my plan is useless!" Korrupt angerly spoke. "wait team chaos? WAIT! your fighting Diana too!! if i can get a stronger team I'll do everything in my power to crush her!!!" larry said in a very evil and dark tone. "hmm... hey kid wanna team up and crush her once and for good? I am always looking for tough trainers and man do i have a position for you!" Korrupt trying to convince larry to be on his side. "if you help me crush her and her dream I'll do anything!" larry said with a evil grin and with that the two teamed up ready to destroy Diana's hope...
what position is Korrupt giving larry? will Diana be strong enough to beat the new larry when he shows up? find out later!
[end part 9 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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