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nuzlocke challange
hello everyone and this is a game for pro players who want to challange themselves and see if they are good in the game

Here are the rules


any mon that faints must be nicknamed dead or gone so that you know you cant use him again


no buying or trading mons because that would be unfair


you must capture a mon on each route [well you don't have to but i recommend it] and that mon must be the first one you ran into if not then you cant capture any more mons on that route


any mon that's fainted in a pvp battle doesn't count does not include npc because that how your mons will applies to rule one also in wild battle

Rule 5
any mon reapeted mon can not be captured but you can get to the next mon on that route that isn't a repeat 


You will have to create a new account

people who want to do the challenge please  post in this thread

ill start a list down here 17175

2. Quanto_Konami

3. Briares







Improve your speech and your Grammar please ><
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Nuzlocke? i died on the second battle with Gary on Heartgold, i think not for me :p
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The Vikings Will Rampage.
That grammar though....ill try
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What exactly is this?
What is the point?
What is the benefit?
to prove who will be the best in the game plus it gives a challenge to people who beaten the game but what to see if there really good

also you should post how many mons fainted and the time you got your badges because that would make this more competitive  and mons= monsters
not good for me i would be bad at this
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Ah nuzlocke run...guess I could give it another go...

Honestly was planning to do a nuzlocke comic at some point...why not m3o?

Will be making a seperate thread for my nuzlocke run as I will AT LEAST be keeping a journal throughout the adventure.
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hey quanto please post that thread on here
But but I haven't posted it yet..was editing as i go o.o

Fine let me wrap up the first part...first (non-comic atm)

changed my mind...I'll link to it here once Ive finished writing up and editing day 1 (which will most likely be tomorrow)
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nuzlocke  is great for pokemon games, however with this game it doesn't matter how skilful you are, the chance of catching monsters that will help you in final arenas is very small and has nothing to do with skill whatsoever.

i do wish whoever takes this on the best and all the luck, you will need it Tongue
I played pokemon nuzlockes and so i will do this to. count me in. my starter is scortorch and my first mon is pterifluter.

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