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new player tp training
If your a person who doesnt know about tp training then,ill do it for you for free
since im busy ill be doing 3 :p,post your profile below and what monster you want tp trained
u do this for totally free and for every1 or for newbs only
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
for newbs only :p
(2012-07-26, 05:09 PM)zacherymatthews Wrote: for newbs only :p
i am a newb do for me lol
i bet xD
According to a noob so will you do it for me
We are currently looking for new members of our guild, and we are willing to help people in learning more about this game.

If you are interested in joining our guild, you may sign up here:
every1 is newb in dei's eyes x.x

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