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Well I was updating my monster power thread cause I found out how to do something cool to do with links so i deleted some links that were already on my thread to put my links idea into action but when i inserted a link like I usally do it looked like it was a good and proper link on the full edit but when i pressed update it just came up like one big black/huge red link that didn't take you any were when you click on it and because of this i can't update my thread and i can't go back to when the link workedAngry
i didn't get what you just said.
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Read through it very slowly and you will get it hopfully.

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does it take you back to the home screen?
No the link just dosn't work it looks like it worked on the full edit but when i click update it is just a link that takes you nowhere it dosn't usally do this.

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This glitch or what ever it is is driving me mad i can't update monster power and i can't get back the stuff i deleted for this updateAngry

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If it's hugely important, I recommend saving your updates and old versions on word processing files as a backup.
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Yea i will do something like that next time.

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@monster, do you know how to use signatures? it seems like you're pasting you siggy and posting it Sleepy
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Yep that is what i am doing and no i don't no how to use them can you tell me how so i can use them right please?
Don't worry now it has stoped doing it and i think i may have just done it wrong.

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Since I can't create a own thread, I'll just post here.
The ability "Expert Regenerator" is broken. It makes the monster with this ability literally invincible.

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