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i got a dbz movie and episode of bleach and online matches of me, friends and random players on street fighter 3 for ps3, my screen name is same on ps3 but, my system is being fixed at the moment, my youtube username is, 9028kjw
please subscribe, 5 star, thumbs up, etc,.. leave comments here and, there, add me, tell me what your screen name is etc,.. and i'll watch your videos as well, ty
i just uploaded 2 new videos, please watch, subscribe, rate and comment both here and on youtube, new videos are contra hard corps genesis 1st stage and, monstermmorpg pvp KINGENO vs zuhaib, please tell me what yall think and, give suggestions. also choose a game from super ninentido or genesis and i'll make a video of it
hmmmm now i can see it the videos awesome
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
ty staff and, all who check out my vids, request a sega genesis game or super nintendo game i'll post the vid, i'll upload random games and, pvp matches

tell me and, other players here about your youtube channel, your username and, what vids to watch, i posted at least 4 new vids today, please give suggestions
newest post is megaman x 3 1st stage

next vids, sonic 1, zelda 2 and, samurai showdown, please make suggestions of games from snes or gens
As long as you got people interested, keep posting.
ty kami, i'll try to post good monstermmorpg pvp vids, everyone loves those
if anyone has a youtube video they want me to see, please send link, and make request, i haven't made a new vid in awhile but i'll make some new one's soon, i've been practicing a lil last night so i can get better gameplay in videos
i record a new game 


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