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I had an idea at one point in the game why is there no monster shop we have a monster bazzar why not have a monster shop. Cause it would be good to have a monster shop to. I noticed that the bazzar dosn't have every monster in it so what if there is a monster you want to buy, but it is not in the bazzar that is one of the reasons why this would be a good idea. ce furkan could put a price on every monster like fendark 200mil engiron 60k or something like that, and the bazzar would still be good cause you may get a much better deal on a monster than is the monster shop.
I support Smile
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you mean support.
not sure if i support it.. people would just buy all the monsters with the best nature and the concept of hunting and working for those monsters will be gone..
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i didn't think of that. but i am shore there is a way to fix it so don't worry
I might support it.... but then the prices would have to be very high..... and maybe nature could be steadfast with 25 on all uv's?
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yeah, this isn't the best idea. the bazaar helps you get cheap high lv monster to start out with, but after that you need to hunt yourself.
Disagree, removes the point of having to reach the map to reach certain monsters, and removes the point of hunting/putting in effort to get certain monsters
I've had an idea similar to this.. Not sure if I posted it.

It was something with points though..
good idea,but game is still not over,we all cant wait for version 2,but it would be cool to have more stuff you can do in game and so NPC´s and arena leaders Big Grin
(2012-11-26, 05:22 PM)iRemember Wrote: Disagree, removes the point of having to reach the map to reach certain monsters, and removes the point of hunting/putting in effort to get certain monsters
why not just have it coded so that the price changes based on the furthest zone you have reached? you know a little sliding scale...

the monsters would start out at 50 gold for steadfast mons in the first zone 250 gold for steadfast mons in the 2nd 1,500 for steadfast mons in the 3rd zone etc etc

and each time you make it to a new zone...the prices for the mons in zones lower then yours decreases by say 5% (to a minimum of 50 gold)

so that could buy mons in zones higher then you have reached...but the prices would be slightly prohibitive...

also the only mons that could be bought are ones that are obtainable on at least 1 map...

There are still certain things i didn't cover (like different classes having different price scales etc etc...but that gives a pretty good gist..
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how about the prices are high on the shop and you can't pick a nature when you buy a monster it may have a really good nature or a really bad one like when you catch monnsters.
I think that the prices in the shop should be average priced. Because if the ones in shop were too low, the people selling mons in the bazaar wouldn't get any money :-/
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(2012-11-26, 01:56 PM)great idea when does it open dude Wrote: great dude when does it openHuh

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