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monster power tournament
monster power tournament

This tournament is for monster power members only if you are not a monster power member you can not enter this tournament.

terms and conditions to enter this tournament
  • you can not use bomber
  • can't use monsters higher then level 70

  • can't use items of any sort
  • no ancients can be used


1st prize 30k 1 tournament rank point
2nd prize 20k 1 tournament rank point
3rd prize 10k 1 tournament rank point

When I get 6 members of monster power in the tournament I will try and think of a good date for the torunament to happen on or a few dates for the tournament to happen on. If you wish to enter the tournament please leave a post down bellow saying monster power we rule the city! or pm me saying monster power we rule the city!
and I will put you down as one of the entrise so hope you enter and have fun pvping.

monster power tournament entrise

Do you have enough active members to have a tourney?
I think so monster power is quit active it is not a inactive guild but if i have 6 active members or more that is another question.

[Image: 10fdx8l.jpg]
is this supposed to be a secret recruiting ground instead of a tournament?...cuz if so, it's not working
No it's now ment to be a secret recruiting groud if it was ment to be it would be working.

[Image: 10fdx8l.jpg]

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