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monster movesets, what are the best?
i would like to see everyone ideas on which monsters movesets are best, each monster has different suitable movesets, depending on the stats they have, although alot of trainers are unaware of this, so lets take 1 or 2 monsters at a time and see what movesets are best, lets try yetee, sky slash, double time, knife dance and, stone skin
what a good moveset for ion and fen, and ice?
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Oh lala double posting
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not a big fan of yetee. It has the wonderful stone skin, but at a cost of no other good moves.
ice only spatk, speed to low, and lack of good wall skills.
ty sparrow, what's good moveset for ion? my current set is ion cannon, dragon fire, ozone burst and leg power
icebragled whats the best moveset? currently i don't have a solid moveset but, please tell me a great moveset, let's see what is the best moveset, although some cases a mons can use a few different moveset, so pick 4 moves, and if you have another moveset for a monster of your choice, feel free to comment, i'll telll you what i think Smile
the first moves you get but just insert Ice ray instead of deafening song
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yea i like ice ray move, has a chance of freezing, ty lui

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