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monster mmorpg ads
hello everyone,Smile

MonsterMMORPG is a free to play, browser based game developed and created by Furkan Gözükara with the help of volunteers, players and artists who willingly wanted to help the game.The game originally started as pokemon craft but was shut down by nintendo due to copyright issues and was changed to MonsterMMORPG some time later and has been updating frequently since then.

MonsterMMORPG is a much more better game then pokemon and if u are familiar with pokemon your gonna enjoy MonsterMMORPG. And with MonsterMMORPG getting updated every time you are never gonna get bored of it playing, and there's over 1700 + new monsters over 520 game maps and within each zone there's an arena leader to battle and npc's on almost all of the maps, the game also has over 148 natures and different class monsters to catch and also have got over 200 + abilities the game does not just have only those amazing things but you can also pvp with other players live! and conquer the game through  pvp and rank. so,what are you waiting for register and start playing now.

The game also has a chat for different languages and chat to people playing from all over the world and has over 31 different language chat and 1 general chat and also not to forget the official MonsterMMORPG Forum so if you have any problem you can always go to forum or ask in the game chat as [CM] and [SCM] and players are always willing to help. game credits

some important links.

MonsterMMORPG homepage :
MonsterMMORPG registration :

MonsterMMORPG monsterdex :
MonsterMMORPG game maps:

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Game tutorial video

game screenshots
[Image: Battle-Wild-Monster-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Monster-Details-Pokemon-Features-Monster...MMORPG.png][Image: Game-Page-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: User-Profile-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: User-Profile-Team-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Search-A-Player-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Control-Panel-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Manage-Monsters-Storage-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Monsterdex-Monsters-Dex-Pokedex-Pokemon-...MMORPG.png][Image: Game-Maps-Main-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Game-Maps-Search-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Online-Players-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Monster-Pokemon-Details-Users-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: NPC-Tracking-Battle-History-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Register-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Monster-Pokemon-Artwork-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Monsters-List-All-Monsters-Pokemon-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Private-Message-PM-System-Inbox-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Game-Avatars-Profile-Pokemon-Monsters-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Game-Maps-Detailed-Npc-Trainer-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Battle-Result-Pokemon-Monster-Game-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Select-Monster-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Top-Trainers-Rankings-MonsterMMORPG.png][Image: Market-Bazaar-Monster-Pokemon-Buy-Sell-T...MMORPG.png][Image: Sell-Monster-Bazaar-Market-Pokemon-Buy-T...MMORPG.png]
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
you are supposed to make ads at different forums not this one

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