Poll: do u want the monster limit to change?
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yes it needs to be
nope its better the way it is
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if im not wrong the limit to own monsters in storage is still 2000 which needs to be increased now that the game has 1400+ monsters

especially when we get alot of good monsters and we cant just kill rare monsters cause of the limit! we need an increase in monsters plzBig Grin
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It would be awesome if we had twice monster storage than monsters in game.
Yes agreed, the game has an amazing amount of monsters.... 2000 is too low... cinny already had to sell and release a lot of stuff cuz she was at 2000.
Yeah , happened to me in a battle with ookichia and sounore also. Sucks alot.
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I like the idea of the limit being twice the number of monsters in game.
yeah agreed cabin it can be doubled now 2000 is too less
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suport idea
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support Big Grin
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awesome guys and also added a poll
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I've already hit the limit and have had to be very careful with what I catch now. It's a drag. If possible, I'd like the limit to be raised. I support this.
(2013-06-09, 03:23 PM)iRemember Wrote: I SHO PORT
 ^ This Big Grin
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voted staff
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I definitely agree with this
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awesome thanks guys when it reaches 10 ill pm cef Big Grin
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I support
yes i can increase to twice count Smile
(2013-06-13, 09:05 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: yes i can increase to twice count Smile

Awesome!! This is super news! Thanks Cef!
epic thanks cf
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