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losing it, losing it, lost it
{it has been a week from the last journal entry and yes the mimiga ate a lot of food laced with those purple flowers}

it has been three days since i even heard from those mimigas nor have i heard any mention of the last ruler i don't remember writing those past journals but i kept them for some reason the golems are currently fixing the building the workers live and i made it so that those cute little slaves of mine are comfy and well provided for. i don't remember why the golems were even worried about me when i tried that blue flower but never mind that i plan on looking at what i had missed long ago, a look at what i look like, been forever since i saw my appearance and a new mirror is in reason! and might i say i look ravishing, purple is my lucky color it seems. the odd thing is my human form is getting comments from the mimigas. they are saying things that are questioning if i started this way and got corrupted or if i was that girl named vivian was it or did they say vivina? well whatever the case i am just pushing those comments off as being jealous! i should find me a mimiga that i can keep myself like those golems said the last ruler did! they are just too cute not to pick one out to keep!

(this is done on purpose i am doing this type of writing for a reason, if you cannot tell what happened or what is happening well just ask)
[end part 4]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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