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how far do i still go?
i have a Budgeet and i want to transform him so he can look cooler... it says he has to have 400 EvPointSpDefense TP... now i like to know.. which monsters can i battle to gain SpDefense TP ??
erase TP you dont need and use SpDefense Nutrition potions
sorry now you lost me
Use tp degrades on other tp stats....

Then use sp.def tp nutritions on it and train the rest on sp.def tp mons like walrepel.
oh ok,.. thank you... Smile
it still has to have 400 looks like it has 255 to me 0.0
That's a lot of money in degrades and nutrition, but its the only way to do it. I usually tp train before I exp train to avoid the problem.
well to save me alot of gold i have started with a new one... and look here ... i am gonna make it !!

i made it.... now my bird is fully evolved
I don't think you need to use SpDefense nutrition, just need to train hard and the results will be very good, you will definitely gonna make this if you work hard for this.

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