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how did this thread not exist till now 0-0
i looked a little at this here thread area and saw that no one even asked or bothered with this so uh here is a thread i don't believe exist here in the discussions of Pokemon

what is everyone's favorite Pokemon?
and if you could build a dream team (have a team of six in the real Pokemon world; legends included, hack variants also work*) what would that team be? and what moves, item, nature, etc?

* by hack variants i mean: samurott being water/fighting, serperior being grass/dragon, emboar being fire/ground (this is in blaze black/ volt white 1&2) there are other hack variants but these i remember off hand *
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actually there is a thread for this.
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How did this thread not exist till now?,you say. Thats easy.  No one cares about pokemon.  Its all about monstermmorpg
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^true story bruh
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you guys heard about pokemon X and Y? sounds stupids....
runnng out of names if u ask me
and then everyone starts getting negative for no reason and punches/kicks me while I'm not doing well today thnx everyone just thnx
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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I'm currently building an actual dream team from Pokémon across all my versions. The final product will be as follows:

Leafy (Male Sceptile)
Leafy was the name of my Sceptile in Emerald. I have recreated him to commemorate the very first Pokémon I ever owned, because unfortunately, I am no longer in possession of the file he existed on, nor did I migrate the file's contents before I deleted it.
OT: Skyler (SoulSilver)
Naughty nature
Ability: Overgrow
Leaf Blade
Leaf Storm
Night Slash (subject to change to Frenzy Plant or Hone Claws)

Raecius (Male Aggron)
Aggron was always one of my favorites of Generation III and still is, so I felt obligated to include one. His name is a bit of Latin-sounding gibberish I thought of one day. (pronounced REE-see-us or REE-shus)
OT: Ginny (Black)
Bashful nature
Ability: Rock Head
Head Smash
Iron Tail
Autotomize (subject to change to Double-Edge)

Sandwing (Female Shiny Flygon)
Flygon is another of my favorites. Her name, Sandwing, is the name of a Flygon-based creature I thought of while digging in the sand on vacation. The character was meant to be a sort of goddess of the shoreline. Flygon's Shiny coloration switches the red accents with yellow and blue, reminiscent of sand and water.
OT: Sarah (Platinum)
Quirky nature (Like me! Big Grin)
Ability: Levitate
Earth Power
Dragon Claw
Dragon Tail

Teryx (Female Archeops)
The Archaeopteryx, on which Archeops is based, is my favorite dinosaur and Teryx's namesake. I adore reptilian creatures, especially dinosaurs and dragons.
OT: Leah (Black 2)
Hardy nature
Ability: Defeatist
Stone Edge
Heat Wave

Jenga (Male Gengar)
Now, Gengar is a special one. When I was really little (three to five years old), I would always nag my dad to read Pokémon handbooks we had lying around the house. Of all the Generation I Pokémon, Gengar and its pre-evolutions was my favorite. Not even Charizard could stand up to my weird attachment to the purple ghost with the Cheshire grin. Jenga, whose name is a corruption of his species' name, pays homage to what started it all for me.
OT: Amy (Pearl)
Bold nature (*sunglasses* OPPA'N GENGAR STYLE! *shot*)
Ability: Levitate
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse (subject to change to Shadow Punch)

Myra (Female Milotic)
Myra (also named after her species) is a representation of how badly I wanted a Milotic in my first file on Emerald. I had a Feebas, but just when I thought I had raised her Beauty enough, she couldn't eat any more Pokéblocks. Crestfallen, I assumed I would never have one, but deep down inside, it fortified my resolve to obtain the Tender Pokémon. Now, I have not one, but TWO Milotic, both with the same OT: Venus (who remained with Locket in Hoenn) and Myra (who traveled to Unova to be with Leah) were caught alongside each other. I think. One may be the other's mother; I'm not quite sure. Big Grin
OT: Locket (Emerald)
Quiet nature
Ability: Marvel Scale
Aqua Ring
Ice Beam
Aqua Tail
Hydro Pump (subject to change to Recover or a Def/Sp. Def-increasing move)

Toxic Shock Strategy
Teammates Involved: Jenga
Items Involved: None, Poison Gem, Poison Barb
Optimal Situation: Any
Execution: Jenga badly poisons the enemy on one turn. On the next, he uses Venoshock, the power of which has been doubled to 130. Massive damage results. Ineffective against the Immunity ability, Poison, Steel, and Ground types, risky against Psychic types, effective against Grass types.

Quake Strategy
Teammates Involved: Raecius, Sandwing, Teryx, Jenga
Items Involved: None, Ground Gem, Soft Sand
Optimal Situation: Double Battles, Triple Battles
Execution: Raecius uses Earthquake. Teryx has a type immunity, and Sandwing and Jenga have Levitate. Ineffective against the Levitate ability and Flying types, risky against Water types, effective against Poison, Steel, Rock, and Electric types.

WOO! I FINISHED! I had this drafted since morning. Big Grin
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thanks for your post, it's great

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