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has to be the smallest region ever...
Diana counting her badges had her only then realize she had half the badges for her region of birth, the region is seriously two islands, now she dealt with a different problem... getting to the second island. her question was quickly answered by the yells for help she soon heard not far from her. "now, now don't bother thinking you can escape me" a mysterious woman said. "No! NO! please give me more time!" the old seaman said in a worried voice. "you had you chance! Now you lose your partner by my hands!" the woman smirked. "hold it there villain!" Diana yelled at the woman. "you dare try to stop me? Guardian Garnet! by the name of my boss i will show you respect!" Garnet responded in complete anger.

Garnet didn't hesitate and threw out all three of her partners: Sableye, boldor, and a ruby colored Dimagem (you get what she's into yet?). Diana had to do the same with: Luna, Rose, and Terra volt. fortunately for Diana her lunamon (luna) and Terra volt (pythamp) both had a light move to deal with Sableye and Dimagem while boldor didn't even get a chance to fight when Rose one-shoted the poor thing; all and all an easy fight.

"darn it all" Garnet said as she fled and all Diana knew was just like graphite this wasn't the last time she was to see her. the seaman introduced himself and his partner "the names captain Barnickle and this is my partner nessy my monspark; we owe you one if ye need anything just ask" Diana took immediate action and asked "can you take me to the second island so i can get the last two badges and face the region champ?" "can I? i will do more then that missy! i'll take you to the next region once you get the elemental seal badge from the champ!" Barnickle said. and off she went to obtain the next badge in seasalt shores.
[end part 6 of chapter 1]
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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i wanted to do this but didn't feel like it earlier so here! some back story to why garnet wasn't much of a fight...

Garnet is the self proclaimed Guardian of Earth, the real one being Graphite who happens to be her father. garnet has a very easy to predict line up if your friends or family to her even so you will quickly learn that her team is all based on jewels (hence the sableye, boldor, and dimagem) and when it is not a jeweled monster it is a beautiful shiny (which is the case with dimagem being ruby colored cause i felt like making that up). Garnet hopes to become the new Guardian of Earth for Korrupt's team but her constant failure in battles keep her from even coming close...

and now a quick explanation: guardians are chosen by Korrupt and are usually the strongest of their chosen types, which each Guardian chooses beforehand the types they chose from are easy to figure out for those who know me: fire, water, wind (in this case flying), ice, earth (rock and ground types both count), energy (electric), light (which includes steel and dragons), dark (with includes dragons and bug) dragon being the only type to be included twice and psychic is only used by Korrupt the main monster type you will see team chaos use is normal unless your dealing with Korrupt himself or his Guardians.
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

[Image: blackwayve_sig_by_seviper3-d5cijum.jpg]

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