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hey I just wanted to inform to my fellow friends here monstermmorpg & also my clan mates that I will not be on or playing for a while I am moving tomorrow & going to college soon but I hope that when my return comes my account doesnt get banned & I could continue where I left off & hope that all my buddies are still online & doing good, also I hope to be in The Legends back again & to fight back my arena leader spot :3 I am ganna miss all you guys dearly, Thanks so much for your kindness & your friendship. Goodbye everyone I will not forget you guys.

                                             -NaturA/Wolfy. <3
[Image: naturasig.png]
We'll miss you man. 

Best of luck in school! BYE!
take care natura
good luck with school my friend
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Monster Of The Hidden Mist
Good luck dude Smile
The Dragon Slayer

[Image: Kaissig_zps260304a2.jpg]
GoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD LUCK NatuRa.

Best wishes in your school hopefully your account wont be banned.
college, huh? nice!!! mind if i ask where?
best of luck, bro, Big Grin
Wolfy, It's good to know you are going to college and doing something with your life. You'll finally be own your own. I know how hard it is to maintain good grades. Do well and don't forget about us here in Legends and M30. Do well in school buddy !
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Take care Wolfy, man with good singing voice ;-). College is rough, I know.
We'll be awaiting your return
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
GL and see 'ya later mate
We look forward to your return :-)

And have a good time :-)


It was awesome getting to know you and you leave with a distinguished Honorary Arena Leader title :-)
take care and good luck natura Big Grin
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
Good luck Natura.
And don't worry, there isn't any reason for your account to be banned.
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
bye natura gonna miss u and take care of urself 
oh and also ur account wont be deleted since u have donated
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Bye bye ....

Bai! :/ Its sad to see someone going  as I returnedT_T
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