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if i wanna go to game page i am send to home page?
its happening now also, i think it happens only when cefurkan is fixing something...
remember, it is just alpha period, so cefurkan will keep updating the game every now and then ...

just stay calm and keep refreshing/clicking on gamepage till it works....
ok i see it is fixed so plz lock this topic
and it started again -.-"
yep -,-
I don't get why when I click on my monster to choose for battling it sends me to home page
It's happening to me as well but only when I try to choose a monster for battle.
because cefurkan is fixing something, it will not happen when the alpha mode will end and the real game will start
i think Huh
I know that but want to play you know T_T
thx CeFurkan
k thx cefurkan

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