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[this is the bad ending and yes there's a good ending as well]

I have finally done it, I ballos after years of pain i have destroyed the planet now i seek yet more to destroy. my pain and anger shall ever be known...let chaos rain forever and evil darkness rule none shall best me ever more!

(in small writing)
i have lost all senses why can i not beat this evil in me please anyone help...

[this is the good ending and yes there's a bad ending as well]

i was quite happy to know that when quote once again beat ballos, who happened to be cursed with a great evil inside him and freed ballos after beating him, i was returned to normal and peace can once again be enjoyed! now that ballos is free we made him a new guardian to protect us and all who live here!

(in small writing)
at least until i get strong enough to beat that evil myself and control it...
(cute evil laugh here)
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

[Image: blackwayve_sig_by_seviper3-d5cijum.jpg]

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