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ever heard of midnight man 0.0
guys i know they made one for slender man but i just wanted to share about midnight man ^-^
so midnight man supposedly in the olden days people summoned him to kill other people as punishment 0.0
they say there's this game you can play (in real life i hate people saying on what website the game is in >.<)
well there's this game you can play that summons midnight man into your house and you have to avoid him until 3:23 am ;-;
if you want to know the steps of the game then just tell me i'd be more than happy to tell you ^-^
some say it's true some don't what do you believe 0.0
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Small words FTW 8D
There is no way I am playing that game Dodgy

Scarier than the Slender Man...
Well of course no one will play the game why would they risk there lives on something that may or may not be true >.< but you peoples still want to know the rules but you don't have to do the game if you don't want to >.<
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Small words FTW 8D
Midnight man? Is this made-up,, or another version of the Slender man?
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
This sounds demonistic honestly.. i want no part of it.. like some wierd wigi board stuff.
Don't mess with fate and it sounds dumb.

._. It's a game that was used to torture people.
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(2012-08-22, 05:31 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote:

._. It's a game that was used to torture people.
Link talked about pagan religions, guess i was right
actually sparrow thats exactly the place i read all my urban legends and thats where i found out about midnight man ^-^ btw slender man isn't related to midnight man -.-
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Small words FTW 8D

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