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donations-- EXTRA INCOME
Had an idea. basically, cefurkan is selling full uv,nature change etc... right?
And we need extra income for the game.. right?

and there are some artist there to create awesome sprites; What if we sell some limited edition sprites!!!
As in, not low quality ones, but very good looking ones!

we can also be given a CUSTOM SPRITE for a higher price.

for post-made special sprites the price would probably be $5-%7.5
for post made custom sprites the price would probably be $10

-our own awesome sprites at our hands, and made by awesome artists!

-extra income for the game's development!
-make you're own sprite!
-not so price-y
-you will have a [donator] title!
-our monster world will be colorful, many people will envy the awesome -unique- sprites!!

-if this is approved

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Sprites? We'll have tons of new sprites soon... but this isn't a bad idea.

The bad side I'm thinking of is envy for players that can't donate.
The good side is that... wait, how exactly are we supposed to "make our own sprites?"

Summary: It's okay I guess... but I won't support. I just jotted my thoughts here.
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i go with what ramza just said
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If you wanted to do something like this, I think it would be better to contact CeFurkan first since it involves money. If he's good with it then yea, post it.

Just a heads up next time, ya know?

And I don't really care for custom sprites, someone already suggested before too. I think it was Nitz X or.. someone.. forget who. Oh well, I don't really care for it. I have nothing to donate Big Grin

And I'm fine with the sprites we have, even though we could get more.
work with what you got.
if you don't like that, DEAL WITH IT
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What i think should happen for extra income, is to make Monster Credits monster credits can be redeemed by donations.

$1 Donation = 1,000 Credits
$5 Donation = 5,000 Credits

The game would then open up a Monster Shop. In the Monster Shop A list of special monsters will be listed, and you would be able to pick it's nature, or even special Skins(Information on skins at bottom). These monsters would be worth the class ranking, (starters, regs, etc.) The store would also give you a chance to use special items that would make the game easier, such as a faster paced walking speed, a 2x exp card that can stack with events, or a 2x gold card; also stackable.

Monster Skins
I'm sure a few people have played a game where you can add Skins to a monster or player. This would mean that your monster would look different than someone elses. Meaning it may have a different pose, or a cool design, or a different color. These should be at about $5-10, depending on class. The beauty of it though, is it should have a time limit, so that the person will keep wanting more. I think a 6 month limit would be good.

Finishing later. Maybe.
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You're welcome.

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LoL ghost i saw what you did there.
I know that this won't benefit us all. But its for the benefit of the GAME that we play.

I say lock some of the cool featured skins..

For customs, we will request what we want the details to be and they would design and make it

i need cef to see this -probably- bright idea

(2012-10-09, 08:52 PM)Ghost Wrote: 2x exp card that can stack with events, or a 2x gold card; also stackable.
there's already a double money.
this would also be OP (but worth the donation though
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]

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