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if my 1 account is full of monsters then i should get the right to delete the unwanted monsters or delete the whole account after removing the wanted monsters to other accounnts.
so u guys should discus abt this plz guys
i ment by deleting monsters at heal centre
1 thing that kinds bugs me is that dark is spelt dark not darck
thing 2 i think that unwanted account should have a way of deletion
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
This won't be useful. In beta period you won't have that many monsters.
Constantly dying yet never dead
its dark the real speeling but for easy typing for me i keptdarck
and do ya know i have more than 1000monster in othere acconts will ya take tham alll

t=its thge maximun monsters 1 can keep

i am not in beta now and so i wana know
Don't double post.

In beta, anyone can have up to 1,000 monsters if they wanted.
so wat abt know i want to delete some

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