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hi guys! lol rate him!! <3
*falls in love with a monason*
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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6/10 maybe or 7 lol
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hmm...3 + pi/10?
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
i would totes fall in love with a monason too Sleepy i say 5/10 Big Grin
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Small words FTW 8D
maybe 2.3/10
No 1000 given, yes i know double time but really are you really going to servive for that long change double time to Relaxing mind and make sure you switch in to a monster that is special
Its better to change mind strike to unque power (Ground) 89 power and 100 accuracy.
If you done the above then maybe 4.7/10
Would of been better with a phyiscal Monason because. Maybe with nature verve for special /Momentum for phyiscal users
  1. Extreme Strike - proi move
  2. Drake Claw - for ability
  3. Sky Slash - ofcourse 1000 accuracy
  4. Bleed Cut - That bleed chance is good
Or with a Wall Monsaon would of been better.
Debonair, Discreet etc

With item Normal Orb and plus the ability the opperent would get annoyed
  1. Light up
  2. Toxic bite
  3. Ghost flare
  4. Shock
But make sure that moves have Max PP because 5 PP for shock and ghost flare isn't enough.
However overall 2.3/10
how about a solid 6
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For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

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