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chapter 2: Chaotic Kanto! part 1: chip off the old brock
Diana was let off the boat near the first Kanto gym where Brock was leader after fighting the three trainers in the gym she decided to fight Brock himself "i warn you! my Pokemon have rock hard defenses!" Brock said excited about the battle.

Brock sent out his first geodude which didn't last long against Breaksword (Dewott) but Brock had a Cradily which took down Breaksword and wasn't even phased by Rose. After thinking it through Diana sent out Luna (Lunamon) because Brock only had three mons Diana had to use only three herself to be fair she had to outlast the Cradily and slowly after six straight minutes of Cradily using healing moves and Diana having Luna dodge any attack possible the Cradily finally fell due to Luna poisoning it with a poison sting. last was the second and final geodude which didn't last too long thanks to a dark pulse from Luna.

"wow you battled well here take this and let everyone know your strength!" Brock saying quite proudly giving Diana her badge. Diana took the badge and quickly healed her mons. "if Brock has a Cradily I am not sure i want to know what mist has in store for me" Diana saying with quite a bit of worry. Diana then started to make her way to misty's gym but first there was a cave to deal with...

what is in store for our hero? find out next time!
{end part 1 of chapter 2}
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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