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chaotic kanto part 5: Devon corp (part one)
Diana was already at the town just south of surge's gym but she was taken by surprise when she saw a note on the gym door. "notice: we are currently fixing the teleporters come back later much later." the note read. Diana wasn't deterred by this in fact she could tell that devon corp  which was in the same city, had an eire aura coming from it she went through the unlocked doors of devon corp to explore.

"i told you to hurry she'll be here soon!" a grunt said quietly. "hey stop right there!" Diana spoke up to the two grunts. "shoot too late we have to fight!" the one grunt spoke. Diana quickly took them out and found that they left ten power devices and three ultra quick devices. "this must be where they make those devices they use to catch other peoples monsters..." she said to her self. she headed up the stairs fighting grunts and was stopped by a familiar trainer. "well done to get this far... Diana was it now?" Doctor spoke. "let me guess you want to fight too?" Diana said in a slight rude tone. "no i'm here to heal you and your monsters actually there is a much tougher fight beyond the doors two floors from this... be prepared.." Diana took the offer and rested knowing that Doctor seemed friendly enough... 

but what waited for her on the top floor? why did Doctor follow her here? possibly find out next time!
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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