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chaotic kanto part 2: the sign summons them!! why??
Diana was headed twords the next town but first kanto caves. She knew that this cave was "famous" for its inhabitants. At first everything was calm and she decided that maybe a small bit of direction would be nice and read the nearest sign... "beware the zubats" she read quietly and as if she had chanted a sacred spell or it sure seemed a lot like that zubats began flying around like mad. what she didn't know was that John and Jenny was else where in the cave and cause an explosion startling the zubats. Diana quickly fled or tried to knowing if she's not out soon she will "black out" (all her members will be fainted). But, just before she made it out a giant crobat and two golbats stopped her.

Her team already weak from the zubats she had to act smart or have to wait till tomorrow to try again at the healing center. with only two members healthy enough to fight she sent out Luna (lunamon) and desiree (kirlia). with what little she could do she chipped away the two golbats health leaving her with the crobat which by this point had weakened her two healthy members to a point of almost no return. all Diana could do is slowly weaken the crobat with what little move points her two mons had when finally the crobat fainted. Diana wasted no time getting to the healing center in the town and after a much needed heal she was pleasantly surprised to hear that all her mons evolved.
she was as happy as can be to hear that and decided to take the rest of the day off 

but what does misty have in store for our hero? what will john and jenny do to slow her down next? find out next time!

[evolutions note cause i didn't mention them in story (i didn't mention them cause it was at the end of the story they evolved sorry): Desiree (gardevoir- psychic), Grim (Phather- ghost/normal), Breaksword (samurott- water/fighting), Terra Volt (Terracoil- ground/electric), Rose (Sunflowmon- grass/fire), Luna (Lekismon- Dark/steel). if your wondering about the last two in the list... i made those typings up...}
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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