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chaotic Kanto part 6: Devon corp (part two: vs. giovanni)
Diana continued to fight her way up the remaining floors of devon corp. she soon found a mysterious man in her way. "so you have come here have you?" the man asked calmly "well then i guess it's time to show you TRUE PAIN! i am Chaos Lord of pain, Giovanni, and you shall bow before all chaos!"

Giovanni sent out his persian and Diana sent out her samurott. after a sadly short battle the persian was out cold but Giovanni sent out an Erdegon, Diana had to use Breaksword her samurott, Rose her sunflomon, and finally finished the Erdegon off with Luna her Lekismon. Giovanni was not pleased but he fled for the time being having little else choice and the manager, who was held captive all that time, thanked Diana and gave her a twenty pack of max revives (aka gave her 20 max revives).

Diana headed twords another town to wait for the psychic gym to finish fixing the teleporters. Diana slept in a hotel for free that night resting before the grass gym in the new town. everyone at the last town celebrated, the town was freed and now korrupt had one less holdout! what will happen at the grass gym? will the psychic gym be finished soon? find out next time!
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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