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chaotic Kanto part 4: it's "electrifying" yes...
WARNING: if you hate puns this is not the part for you this is the punny part of the chapter....

Diana making no haste to fight the next gym took care of the trainers in the electric gym at a lightning fast past; if you can excuse the pun... but surge was ready to give Diana the shock of her life for trainers. "you may of beaten my trainers but your luck will be powerless against my skill of electric monsters!" surge yelled in an army like manner. Diana simply replied "well soldier its time to decommission you." and with that the battle begun.

Surge started with an electabuzz while Diana decided to use Grim for a change with a short fizz that was a battle, electabuzz only got two thunderpunches off before falling. Surge then used galvantula Diana taking little chance switched to Terra volt and simply rock slided the poor galvantula into next week but Surge wasn't done yet and sent out his star monster Raichu, which took a surprising attack against Teraa volt by having surf on it's move set. Diana had to think and had an interesting idea and sent out Desiree. Raichu was setting up another surf however Diana commanded Desiree to intensify gravity causing the wave to crash on top of the Raichu knocking it out in one move. "now that's a wipe out!" Diana grinning as she spoke.

Diana got her badge but before she left surge told her "next gym town won't be so easy and be careful of the Devon corporation some are saying it's controlled by team chaos to make their specialty capture devices." Diana left knowing that next town will be interesting...

Meanwhile: "Korrupt sire!" a grunt yelled running like mad. "Korrupt Diana is headed for the town with our device operation!" the grunt spoke in an exhausted tone. "so if that's the case... Giovanni it's time to show this girl pain have all the men you can muster any devices together and shut the corp down we cannot lose any devices to her!" Korrupt yelled out. "yes sire i will show her true PAIN!" and with that Giovanni left to do as he was told...

will Diana be able to take on Giovanni the first team chaos master? will the next gym prove too tough for her? find out next time!!!
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

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