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chaotic Kanto Part 3: misty's gym and the mysterious "Doctor"
With her newly evolved team mates Diana made way to Misty's gym and after a quick trainer clean up Misty looked at Diana "after how many guys coming to this gym and gawking at how pretty my sisters are when they show up i'll actually enjoy fighting another female trainer... let's do this!" Misty stating cheerfully.

Misty had only three members so Diana had to use only three as well. Misty started off with Togakiss and Diana used Terra volt, Togakiss didn't fair to well but did enough where Misty's Seadra finished Terra volt off. Diana then used Rose and quickly fought off Seadra but it wasn't over for Misty had her signature Starmie which didn't so much break a sweat fighting Rose. Diana then chose the next mon to use but accidentally used Breaksword when she wanted Luna but it was a tad too late to try again she had to fight with Breaksword the battle turned into a "can you beat a psychic with a fighting mon" quarrel Breaksword never gave up the battle despite the constant psychic attacks and narrowly took starmie down before Breaksword fell down from exhaustion but Diana won and got the badge.

While Diana healed a man walked up "well that was quite the show your mon put on" the man spoke "well i wasn't trying to do that but it worked out..." Diana said quite worried about her mon. "let me introduce myself my name is Karnillious Von marvillian but you may call me as all call me "Doctor" if you ever feel as if you need to gather power as in training your mons to the perfect style for them give me a call..." and with that Diana was given a card with a phone number and the man disappeared. "Doctor huh? something tells me he has a secret that he rather not tell me..." Diana said to herself she headed to the next city and rested at a friends house who also happens to be Diana's biggest fan now that everyone is talking about her...

Meanwhile: "i told you i'm not going to train your so called secret weapon until you teach him and yourself how to treat your mons with love" Doctor said quite annoyed "you will regret this you know i shall make sure of it" Korrupt said angered at Doctor. "hm hm hm if you knew why you never beat me Korrupt i might be in trouble but for now no one knows of my secret cheating ways to true power if you can call it cheating that is..." Doctor said quite happy with his victory against Korrupt. "Diana i shall make sure you win but you must trust me and K. Lamity..." Doctor then disappeared.

will our hero trust the mysterious "Doctor"? what will surge think of Diana when they fight? all this and more next time!
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