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Zone maps, everyone check and comment
Hello people. Zone maps are ready. So what i want is check these 3 parameters

Do map names correctly written and matching the current test server map names
Do map files are 100% matching with that map file currently available on map server (the map guy may have used older version of that map)
Do connections on the zone maps are correctly setup, again compare with current test server

Thank you very much.

All zones as single zip file :

Zone 1:

Zone 2:

Zone 3:

Zone 4:

Zone 5:

Zone 6:

Zone 7:

Zone 8:

Zone 9:

Zone 10:

Zone 11:

Zone 12:

Zone 13:

Zone 14:

Zone 15:

Zone 16:

Zone 17:

Zone 18:

Zone 19:
Yay, zone maps. I like Smile
Alright people please check zones Big Grin
The entrances/exits for each map are accurately aligned (Parameter number 3 checked)
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
(2012-10-16, 10:45 PM)Quanto_Konami Wrote: The entrances/exits for each map are accurately aligned (Parameter number 3 checked)
thanks a lot

did you check all 520 maps ?
yes sir Smile *and then I went to talking in chat/reading threads because I'm naturally lazy Tongue*
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
Any idea on when this will be released?
(2012-10-17, 01:05 AM)Durein Wrote: Any idea on when this will be released?
well working on many things at the same time. so will take some more time to be live on real server these massive updates all at once

but hopefully soon on test server
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