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Your PVP Team and Strategy!
This thread is for all experienced pvp users to post their pvp team and how it operates. These teams can inspire others and help them be able to build up a good pvp team. When posting your team, you have to specifically explain each monster and everything about it. Post the monster's detail page as well. So, you will be posting it's move set, the held item, the nature, the tps and uvs, just about everything that makes up the monster and carefully explain why it is an important part in your team and what role it plays.

If you have a Yetee in your team, post here what role it plays as. Does it play as an offensive monster? A defensive monster? A sweeper?
You have 6 monsters for a team.

You may post the image of the monster if you please.


[Image: 656Solord.png]

Nature : Hallucination
UVs : Full 45 Uvs

Move-Set : Solar Wind, Electrode Spark, Ignite, Legendary Power

Held Item : Dragon Orb

Tp Trained : 399 SpA/400 Spe

Description of monster here : blablabla
I like to run full team of wall nature swinpas (They work better if you don't evolve them to bariguez). I find that their high defense and special defense makes them an excellent choice. I prefer this moveset: extraordinary strike/destroy clouds/concentration rest/clear mind.

Edit: for fear that someone uninitiated in pvp might believe i'm serious: JK.
[Image: Mourn.jpg]
is solare any good?
if so what nature?
solord is overused in pvp nowadays, suited natures are mirage/endurable. moveset would be muscle tense, sky slash, light slash, light armour/shadow slash any other move etc
I said solare like the dinosaur, zero? And your avatar looks familiar.

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