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World News Section Guidelines
Hello and welcome to the World News forum. Here, you can post information about anywhere in the world news. You can get them from CNN, fox, anywhere that tells stories of what is occuring in the world.

Please keep on topic here and keep every thread civilized. If a debate starts and gets out of hand, the forum mods will step in. All forum rules apply.

Here in this section, you may post about weathers, important dates, country affairs, anything about countries, murders, etc. It's all in the world people Smile

Follow the section rules before you post any content in this section.

Current Affair Rules

You must follow these simple rules when replying and making topics:

1. You must have some background information on the topic before posting
2. Try and add something to the topic, don't just agree on it, add a reason as well
3. No racist comments
4. Don't repeat topics - make sure you use the 'Search' function before creating a new topic
5. Post the source you got the information from if possible, since people may be interessted and would like to take a detailed look about the case

All other forum rules apply.

Thank you for your cooperation,
MonsterMMORPG Staff Crew

update-Make sure it is a legitimate news source
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