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Welcome to the wish room! Wish your heart away from Ancient to Regular! No donations or begging required! Keep it clean, wish away, and I hope your wishes come true! Big Grin
Co-Leader of the Canines
Måîdęñ Øf Thê Whįtė Høršē
Neigh, mothatrucka'
Well, the one monster that I could really use, is someone that is a great wall. I am not very good at making them lol. I use mostly sweepers, with some status moves mixed in there. Any suggestions on who to use?
Orogond, Serperor, Cielon, Vydral, Korrodo, Odonasma, Hyreigna, Arbogon, Grythin, Aturion, Ugoyle, Decesile, Sarcuda, Prysma, Dracby, Tiktik, Hissoil, Lustar, Serphrodite, Dimagem, Kelvice, Lunardian, Duskami, Dragonoon, Nightheos, Steeleon, Veptis, Ookichia, Pegurush, Chimeros, Wilitus, Futairik, Solarikon, Monason, Plagubonic, Warong, Moosnow, Sounore, Spectrorb, Invion, Kuraimi, Grawsora, Arizox, Nrakros, Reven, Absoliutus, Griffix, Sounvern, Harpiros, Coroneon, Felri, Helion, Astrum, Herophoenix, Gilrench, Hoofinani, Wiskcicle, Tecouno, Viesut, Whispon, Ruenz, Wizote, Corpoton, Tyranoir, Monagle, Voltesla, Mortone, Dracloud, Titanife, Terrarth, Jekyllight, Hydevil, Gardeel, Anteawl, Nesspark, Radiaution, Torchomp, Lavampus, Horuxor, Youkairit, Helitanium, Youkanabo, Amaratsune, Aerialtz, Halifear, Flamazia, Absengery, Seamaqua, Falcipy, Cryle, Zephicrylis, Opalioz, Unimy, Morbite, Psycheel, Gorgongon, Komoison, Conflagella, Knoweevil, Asylooms, Waound, Gonbraa, Claverein, Prexus, Basilicade, Crator, Shamaroc, Savicious, Quadrivour, Crestadon, Calihound, Seadrigone, Chompwile, Gorgella, Amerubian, Dilosun, Raminant, Insabit, Madol, Thanayami, Wyvelo, Cleora, Pristeon, Noctamoth, Flariarge, Ohasis, Orgoul, Feyimp, Zmeyimp, Odonine, Frostag, Volf, Duoris, Rufoast, Felox, Scaronid, Rewolda, everything that Luxcatty evolves into, Midnack, Soonras, Dangover, Extreece, Widour, Stellpini, Aitvarange, Fightengu, Cursnake, Leavock, Dextock, Akhuluit, Pherumy, Tazahawk, Televisire, Raitigas, Ghoulver, Lynce, Orcane, Solary, Whixion, Egyptische, Brisrprey, Therburr, Giantant, Apokrifall, Lupoon, Nebusteria, Luphaterasu, Ampesaur, Phamtomet (so cute!), Dreadpire, Golian, Cascerb, Chromion, Deember, Struthosaur, Churroneon, Sirusteel, Spookeon, Multillin, Crustai, Kleptermine, Altrupine, Luphea, Fuchu, Rotook, Kasaigon, Exstansion, Toxotary, Trumbil, Arcatic, Chalicast, Flowria, Futraeon, Topacity, Donoess, Fivida, Turking, Paraowl, Flauram, Mover, Brambel, Blitzrein, Julast, Blossope, Barover, Cunair, Chikiddie, Yokelby, Alpacure, Larvitle, Gliling, Venopal, Nekitten, Nufo, Chlorulk, Smosea, Salapad, Beelet, and Padark.

Yes, I just went through the whole Dex to find my favorites.

This is why we need a Wish List mechanic.
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I wish for all the starters
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
I wish for all the ancients in the gameSmile
I wish for all the horse monsters Smile
Co-Leader of the Canines
Måîdęñ Øf Thê Whįtė Høršē
Neigh, mothatrucka'
i wish i had all 99 zeniths i already have about 85
pm me if you have questions
I wish for one ancient to come my waySad
i wish to actually catch an ancient instead of trading 4 one
pm me if you have questions

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