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What's the best ancient?
What is the best ancient in the game?
There is defacto no best  ancient. 
There are roles which they need to fill.
That said,  a wall ancient cannot be the best ancient since it'll be horrible as a sweeper.

I'd however advise getting either Sarcuda or Vydral since they are beast in PvE.
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We already gave you the correct reaction right?

The problem is that you don't understand the roles and how the dex work. As stats? Orogond? As for pve/pvp. On pvp most ancients have other roles make them good against something else. Still on pvp a emissary can take a lot hit of almost any ancient.

So when you want to start to understand the game, check all the threads galliant made. There is no 'best" since every monter takes a role. Like on the real pokemon game, there is no best.
For me, the best is whichever monster that I prepare to battle with.
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Titanisaur: Titanisaur is a massive ancient monster with exceptional defensive stats. It can withstand heavy damage and serve as a reliable tank in battles. Its ability to learn a wide range of support moves, such as healing and status recovery, further enhances its utility in team compositions.
To own a Titanisaur is unthinkable. But getting over it matches, you can get it.
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If the amount of Ancient and Legendary are equal, then their rarity is equal. Currently, there are only 2 Ancient cookies and dino game 1 Legendary Cookies, which means Legendaries are rarer than Ancients.

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