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What is Greatness?
i wanna hear you guys opinion on this. Really counterclaim each other and get a good discussion going. let's start with a quote.
Nietzsche Wrote:“To give style” to one's character - a great and rare art! He exercises
it who surveys all that his nature presents in strength and weakness and then moulds it to an artistic plan until everything appears as art and reason, and even the weaknesses delight the eye.
What really is the quality of greatness? how do you define it?
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
I define greatness as the ability to rise above the bars around you , and create for yourself the future you want to have
You dare Challenge ME ?

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