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Weekly Anime Polls
Anime is my domain as a moderator Smile

Well, let's start with the WAPs. Anyone can host an anime poll of any anime with any character however, if it is a known anime, please expect there to be a debate.

To host a weekly anime poll, please pm Deidara with the anime, the date of the poll, and the characters. Once accepted, you can post Smile

Some will be reserved for other dates. You can make yours after the pm and I will lock the thread til the next week starts. Each poll are to start on a Monday as once the next Monday comes, a new poll shall be started.

Each old poll will be locked. Make sure to have the date the poll will be opened in the thread title.

Forum rules apply.

New installed :

Everyone that participates in the anime section will have a chance to create a Weekly Anime Poll. However, depending on the amount of users we get here, you will not be able to make another one until people have had their chance.

After Everyone gets a chance, this will be updated with the list in order that tells who creates the next poll whatsoever.

If the above person in the list has been absent for at least 1 day and have not created a WAP, the next person is allowed to. Please be patient, that is important in this. Your poll may start on a Tuesday but it will still end on Monday.

Current List :
1. Void
2. Deidara
3. Pein
4. Nightcore

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