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Watch Pvp battles?
So I thought it'd be a neat idea to have it where you can look in on PvP battles and watch them or something. It's definitely not necessary, but it would be cool!
Well there is something similar to this like the pvp boards.
You mean enter as an observer?

So then why not add a mini chat for those PVPs at the same time.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
There is already a thread with this Undecided
[Image: Another_Kakashi_Sig_by_phoenix765.png]

In Game Name: Flawless
yep dei suggested this in his thread for gaming suggestions but nice too see you would like this as well
[Image: ZekromSig.png]

Credits to SparrowHawk
Thread locked.

Already suggested.

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