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WAP Supreme Showdown!
This one shall be a test of your anime knowledge featuring the most popular Animes : Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece, FMA Brotherhood, and.. Idk what else O.o

In this WAP, you have to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each character given. Which means, instead of explaining a strategic plan with one character against the others, you have to explain all the plans of each character. Once you have explained each character's powers and what advantage they have, give your support to the one you believe will win.

There is no poll in this one, however. You may counter one's knowledge as well, use evidence if needed. This is the WAP Supreme Showdown that will bring you all back wanting for more O_O

Let's begin!
Character List :

Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail
The 6 Paths of Pain (Nagato) and Killer Bee from Naruto Shippuden
Kisuke Urahara and Ichimaru Gin from Bleach
Monkey D. Luffy and Ace from One Piece
Hohenheim and Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood
Trunks (Adult) and Gohan (Adult) from Dragon Ball Z

You may pin a free-for-all but please tell us in your post. You can team up different characters if you want to.

If you would like to add characters, post here with the anime and character's name and their abilities.


You may now start.

Hohenheim EdwARDS FATHER CORRECT?(sorry caps >.<)
what of Luffy from one piece?
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
Ehh.. I'll start '-'

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail has the ability to control and manipulate fire. He can also eat flames to gain more power and strength. Whenever his belly is full, he can go all out. He is known as a First Generation Dragon Slayer which makes him super strong.

He isn't smart in general but he can most likely when against any opponent thrown at him. Brute strength indeed and stubborn. Once he puts his mind to something, it has to be done at that second.

I would put Ace from One Piece as Natsu's partner since they both can manipulate flames. Ace would be the feeder to Natsu and Natsu would be the brute strength of the 2.

If going up against Gray Fullbuster, Natsu would most likely destroy him. <_<
With Ace feeding Natsu, Natsu's power would be greater than ever and he'd be able to overtake Gray's Ice powers.

------------------------- ^ Natsu and Ace ^ --------------------------------------------------

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