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What's with the voting system? 32 links to click and about 12 of them aren't even voting sites? One led me to Google, two of them led me to google chrome app stores, another led me to a hacker's site...Another two or three led me to DA pages. There's a few more strange links, as well.

Is there something wrong with it? I mean, how am I supposed to vote when I'm being sent to all of these sites? Also, most of the voting sites don't even appear credible. A few of them wanted me to register/log-in, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anyways, I got my 100K gold, but the site didn't get 32 votes. Is that a bug or is the vote system supposed to send you to random pages?
the sites where you can't click anything, like the google page, you can just open, and then close
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You're fine. Thanks for voting.
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Well, okay, but some of those links need to be looked at/monitored. One of them opened a voting site, and then it opened a site leading to a hacker's page or something. :/ Are they safe?
All pages are totally safe Smile
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If you have any questions about a specific link just click the explanation link
I come across somequestions about voting too.

VoteNumber: 8 - Click To Open Voting Vote ID: 19 - Status : Opened ForVotingI can't open it.It links to,and 404 - Page not found on TOPG.

Vote Number: 24 - Click To Open Voting Vote ID: 82 - Status: Opened For VotingI have to use a proxy to open it.So is it still useful?

Vote ID: 14 Explanation Image andVote ID: 18 Explanation Image can't
it may seem confusing but i will post my system here, see if it helps.

i open 10 links first, then proceed to fill up those security questions and click "enter to vote" buttons.

i will close the rest of the links(e.g. page not found, google)

note: at link 20, there is a timer so make sure u do it first.

after everything is green and ticked, i click finish.
[Image: 501b5ca62c27bjpg.png]

If I'm not mistaken, some links are added or removed every... 3 weeks?

Anyways, it isn't a bug, you only need to do the security questions, close the rest, then you're done
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