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Void Example(Gonna be Deleted After Editing)
#1 Browser Monster MMORPG For Pokemon Games Players

Hey Hey Hey , Voids here with an Advertisement and i'm gonna blow your head off Big Grin

Hello Everyone, I am Void and i am here to inform you about the new and improve Pokemon Craft now known as MonsterMMORPG.
A lot of you guys love playing and experience pretty good Free MMORPG Games and even played Pokemon Before but MonsterMMORPG Takes the Cake.

We have an incredible chat system which separates the chat engine in multiple chat screens displayed for different languages. In this way, you will be able to chat with your friends in your native language whenever you want.

MonsterMMORPG has its own MonsterDex Filled with our own monsters made by our artist for example Gk Also known as GarbageKeeper in the game.

A Nice Pm System built to keep you organized

Various of items such as Monster Radar or Monster Player which you can use to catch monsters witch even Legends and

2 different system you can use if your Turk you can play in Turk mode which makes everything show up as Turk language or
You can play in English which the language is well you know English Big Grin

A Market System which Members can buy Monsters from other members and items and even trade your monsters with other members.

More and More monsters put into the game by our very skilled monsters creators such as Gk - GarbageKeeper And Miyavi.

Friendly Chat Mods that helps you out with whatever you ask that is about the game.

Various of in game characters you can use to walk around our maps with to catch monsters of to just hang out!
Updates everyone once and a while the game will never get boring

Also if your talented you can contribute and win prizes and awards for your hard work.

You can also customized your profile with your own avatar and other players can see all your hard work training your
Monsters and training to be the best.

We Have Our Own Forums which new players can keep up to date with our new updates , and Events Made by our Administer CeFurKan.

Also We have our Top 100 Trainers List which is update Daily every 24 Hours.

here is Our Forums Link:

Our Game Link:

MonsterMMORPG Have Players that help out the community By Creating Avatars , Banners, and Wallpapers for the game Check them out.
[Image: banner-600x600.png] [Image: banner-200x150.png] [Image: banner-240x100.png] [Image: banner-180x540.png] ( More Coming Soong Big Grin)
Also Screenshot of the game play.

We Have Our YouTube which new players can check out to learn how to play and fit in more with the community.
Here is our YouTube Link:

Also Take a look at our Own Maps Filled with all types of monsters you can catch for your own. It Tells what Legends/Zenith/Monster
Are on the Map and what level you can catch them also some other stuff. Our Maps can be found on this link:

With 311,329 Players Already Signed up wont you sign up also?

here Are Some Screen shots of the game hope you enjoy and decide to join our community! Big Grin
[Image: BattlePage.jpg] [Image: BattleResult.jpg] [Image: BuyMonsterMarket.jpg] [Image: GamePage.jpg] [Image: MarketMain.jpg] [Image: MonsterDetails.jpg] [Image: Profile.jpg] [Image: SearchTradeMarket.jpg] [Image: SearchTradeMarket.jpg] [Image: UseItem.jpg]

[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Did you make this right now?
Yes i made it right now , but only an example for someone.
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Nice Void
You could add a little more.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
That is why i posted it so i can edit it and add some more.
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Exagerate on the good parts like pvp.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
Ahh thanks i completely Forgot about Pvp.
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
He used 3 of my images r.r

I hate google.
could of shown a top trainers image
[Image: ZekromSig.png]

Credits to SparrowHawk
not bad void.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
I seen this on another forum nice Wink.
[Image: animebanner.png]
Lmao , its going to be on most forums soon Big Grin
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
Nice void Big Grin.
[Image: 28chlsh.png]
Ty rollie for sig!
Thanks Meta ;D:3
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
it's really worth it
It takes a mental decision to limit distractions when you are listening to someone else
Have you just finished making this right now?
It's a great content.
Your game is introducing very well and I am also very interested in it, recently I often participate in wordle game more because this game helps me to improve my vocabulary skills well. Thank you so much for helping me get to know Pokemon.
I'm new to this forum. Can anybody tell something more about this game? Thanks
Hi, I'm new to this forum. Can anybody tell something more about this game? Thanks
nice post in this blog

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