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Vipe's Move Suggestions
All right.... These are my move suggestions. (Moves that haven't been created.)

Viperianw Wrote: [/url]here goes:
Derecho-flying, physical, 100dam, 70acc, 80% flinch
Jaywalk-normal, physical, 50dam, 1000acc, lowers opponent's acc by 1 stage
Earthen-ground, status, 0dam, 1000acc, electric immunity for 1-5 turns
Psyche Break-ghost, special, 130dam, 90acc, lowers opponent's def and spc def by 1 stage each
Quote: (Yesterday 12:20 PM)Viperianw Wrote: [url=]Shadow Tail-dark, special, 85dam, 95acc, high priority +3
Vortex Rupture-dragon, special, 140dam, 100acc, lowers the user's spc atk by 1 stage
Anion Zap-electric, physical, 90dam, 40acc, 100% paralysis, burn, and bleed chance
Riptide-water, physical, 110dam, 75acc, 100% flinch chance
Bombini Gang-bug, special, 30dam, 100acc, hits 2-5 times high priority +1

sorry guys. it might be a bit confusing. i had to copy it from one thread to another Tongue

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