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Vipe's Most Wanted :D
Well everyone, here is a list of monsters that i would like to have and if you have the time and are willing to hunt for them, then perhaps we can arrange a handsome sum. Tongue
25+ for each uv should be fine. (i.e. trembling would need 25 for atk, spd, and hp. the other stats don't matter.)
if not, we can work with what we have. Smile

trembling Chirit
hallucination Geshi
hallucination Monon
hallucination Drakegg
trembling Potomope
If you have any of these monsters, please pm me in-game, and/or just make a post here claiming that you have them. Thank you Big Grin
there is annaboo on the market
anaboo,biteeth,skuttle is gonna be available at v2
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
i have a hallucination monon and an ionoule that i am willing to part with
ok, snes...i'll pm you in-game Smile

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