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i would like to join i was recruited by remmy and my in game name is olopedragon8
hey i would like to join up my usernames (yes i have mulitple) are: ballos, blackwayve (i will revive this one soon)
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

[Image: blackwayve_sig_by_seviper3-d5cijum.jpg]
Look's around then *Slowly walk's off*
The Dragon Slayer

[Image: Kaissig_zps260304a2.jpg]
welcome blackwayve!
  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]
kame, what do you mean in pvp list?
(2013-03-06, 11:20 AM)RandyTenderan Wrote: kame, what do you mean in pvp list?
if your up to accept pvp offers from other villages.
But i still need to write the details for it. Smile
  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]
Gonna post on separate forum account
Thank you scarlet!

(2013-03-02, 07:06 PM)Kamenashi Wrote:
thank you guys! 
Also update for village members:
i need you to go on ms paint (or whatever drawing program you use)
use a white background and black brush. and I need you to write your signature (game sig not rl sig lol)
pm it to me here or in game. Kamenashi~

I'm going to use it for something- 
So far i got 1 o-o i need all to do this *stares at Scarlet*
Everyone, our new page is right here: this is the official Village of Wisdom from now on

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