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Version Beta 1.0.0 - Very Important Update - Read
Hello my friends. As i promised i have recovered old PokemonCraft accounts. If you do not remember your password you can recover from login screen. There won't be anymore account deletion, monster deletionor item deletion again.

Game Login URL :
Game Register URL :
Our New Monsters :
Our New World Map Download For Full Detail :
How Old Pokemon Converted To New Monster List :
New Natures List :
New Moves List :
New Abilities List :

Old Accounts Migration Change Logs
  1. All Pokemon are replaced with Monsters.
  2. All Monsters level kept same but their EXP are reassigned according to the new EXP requirements. Some increased some decreased.
  3. All Monsters hold items are deleted.
  4. All users all items are deleted.
  5. All previous money restored.
  6. All previous Monsters restored.
  7. All badges deleted.
  8. All Monsters at the market returned to the storage.
  9. All items prices are 1/4 of their original price now. They will return normal as we add NPC system and voting system.
  10. Now starter Monsters start with level 10 and all starter Monsters which level is below 10 assigned to level 10.
  11. Now starter Monsters start with 25 UV points. All previous starter Monsters UV points are set to 25.
  12. Now all donation Monsters has 45 UV points. All previous donation Monsters UV points are set to 45.
  13. All non donation and non starter Monsters all UV points increased by 10.
  14. All user messages are deleted.
  15. All banned accounts are opened ban removed.
  16. All Monsters nature set to Steadfast.
  17. Currently all Monsters abilities are random and they will be corrected later.
  18. All Monsters move sets will be corrected later.
when the links be changed
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Ban please >:/
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very useful and intresting post
Heart  Thank you for sharing this

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