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Version Alpha 1.0.4
All transformation methods are fully working now.

You can obtain transformation items at the market.

Held item effects are not implemented in the game yet.

Some of the item image are not done.

2 new trainer images added to the game.
Oh yea! That is great!
Just your not so typical Gunblade Master.
mnxenx001 is my hero. If you dont know who that is...

Look 'em up on DA or Furaffinity.
Heh you didnt hear it from me.
Evolution time.. Oh yea!
lol great thanks
[Image: Another_Kakashi_Sig_by_phoenix765.png]

In Game Name: Flawless
Awesome ^^ been waiting for this for awhile.
awesome gonna evolve now
[Image: ZekromSig.png]

Credits to SparrowHawk
thx CeFurkan going to evolve my monster
oh man!I made a new account cuz i thought you wont put evolution items.
Constantly dying yet never dead
Brilliant work CeFurkan, -CLAPS-
That’s really cool  I've been anticipating this for a long now.
system paaaadh denge
rom rom bhaiyo
salmooooon bhoiiiii

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