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Version Alpha 1.0.2
Most of the monsters transformation requirements changed!

There was a fatal error at move sets caused by software and now move sets are fixed!

According to the new transformation requirements and new move sets all current monsters's forms and moves are reset!

Check your monsters new features from MonsterDex and if you happen to find any form or move error please let me know!

There was a bug which causes monsters to learn unlearnable moves and it is fixed.
Oh i was wondering why some of my Monsters moves were gone i thou i got hacked x.x thanks Smile
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Alright thanks Cefurakan! and btw, by Saturday i am going to try to get that List of Corrections to you.
Just your not so typical Gunblade Master.
mnxenx001 is my hero. If you dont know who that is...

Look 'em up on DA or Furaffinity.
Heh you didnt hear it from me.
oh man, now i have to remake my team again .... >.>
cefurkan why flutterion don't learn flying type moves and why this boxmon learns only 3 flying type moves
CeFurkan there is problem I cant battle monster, when I click on my monster to choose for battling I am going to home page

and now I cant get in game
and Big Grin why Luxcatty evolves into Fluttereon and Wheegeon with same gem
CeFurkan why is my vampite not evolving, yestarday I was training him at night to lv 42 but when I clicked evolve it did not evolved
it is not about evolutions, it is about boxes, when I used grass box I caught monster but my team fained
why do you triple post???jusy edit ur original posts=.=.=.=.=
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don't know hehe
Thanks for all the hard work CeFurkan, we appreciate it!

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