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This thread will explain huge collection (between 5.4.0 and 6.0.0) of updates (Over 10 months)

Monster MMORPG Version 6.0.0

=== June 15th 2021 ===
[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

1.0) If you have Gold Medals, you can start a Global 100% EXP and Gold boost event which will boost rewards from all battles, for all users!

1.1) This event will last 6 hours.

1.2) If there is already an ongoing event that grants 100% more EXP / Gold or more, then the player will be unable to spend their Gold Medals to start another event.

1.3) If there is already another event but gives less than 100%, your event will start and temporarily override the other event until it ends.

1.4) You can start global Gold Medal event from the Reward Shop page. The cost is 1 Gold Medal.

2.0) The Global Patron Bonus system has been added to the game.

2.1) Please read more information from its official page.

3.0) Multiple system algorithm improvements have been performed, which increased the performance of the Battle Result Screen loading time.

3.1) Now, battle result page speed will be up to 50 times faster.

4.0) Now, you can faint your Monster in NPC battles as well.

4.1) This means that if you get locked on a battle where you can't switch, and both you and your opponent cannot be defeated, you won't have to waste 1000+ turns until the enemy runs out of PPs.

5.0) The visual appearance of global bonuses shown in the top left of the game screen has been adapted and improved.

6.0) The visual appearance of the Monster Events Announcements in the chat channel has been improved.

7.0) Now, you can start your own Monster on map event from Reward Shop page with 10 Silver Medals.

7.1) The event will have the same properties as an automatic global event, but it'll be from the selected Monster.

7.2) Your name will be displayed in front of the event message.

7.3) To start your event type Monster ID or Monster Name on the Reward Shop page and click bring details. Then "Spawn as event" button will appear.

7.4) Please check the Reward Shop page for more information.

8.0) Now you can not directly get new Monster from the Reward Shop page with Silver Medals.

8.1) There will be a cool-down period until you get the new added Monster with Silver Medals.

8.2) This cool-down will apply to only new Monsters that will be added after Version 6.0.0

8.3) The cool-down will last for 6 months

8.4) If you capture that particular Monster on maps, you will be able to get it with Silver Medals without the cool-down waiting period.

8.5) Once you captured it on maps, it will be registered to your MonsterDex Event page so you can track your captures.

9.0) Now, at Set your Monster team page, you can filter your Monster by Ability Change or Nature Change activated.

9.0) Now, while being on the Adventure page, at the map you are currently on if there is an active Monster event, it will be displayed at the right top of your map panel.

9.1) This small notification will also have a timer so it will make hunting more fun!

10.0) Patron system updated and improved. Read more on :

11.0) Very useful new filtering options added to the Map Searching page

11.1) Now you can filter pages to capture your missing Monster or event on maps Monster or MonsterDex Capture all Monster event

11.2) Checkout more on Map Searching page : 

12.0) When using the Ultimate Arcanum item, you had to select a move for the item to be used. However, this item refreshes MP of all of the moves that particular Monster has

12.0) Now you don't have to select a move for this item to be used. Thus, it will be quicker

13.0) Quick item use feature added to the Battle Page

13.1) You can set quick battle items preferences from settings page and use them with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 keys

13.2) With this new feature, you can use a battle item with just a single click

13.3) You can see updated shortcut keys on this page :

14.0) The following features having moves are disabled to be used in Boss battles and NPC battles in Zone 18 and Zone 19:

14.1) (a) "Makes Target HP Equal To User" - Such as : Equality

14.2) (b) "Skill Swap Enemy" - Such as : We have none atm but can be in future

15.0) Some text improvements in Battle Page attack results

16.0) Now you can filter your Monster list by any held item in Monster management page :

16.1) Now you can filter your Monster by "Endless Tower Team" and "Monster That You Have More Than 10" in Monster management page:

17.0) The following new items added to the game:

17.1) Accuracy Pill S , Accuracy Serum S , Attack Pill S , Attack Serum S , Critical Pill S , Critical Serum S , Defense Pill S , Defense Serum S , TP Elixir , Evasion Pill S , Evasion Serum S , Healing Machine , SpAttack Pill S , SpAttack Serum S , SpDefense Pill S , SpDefense Serum S , Speed Pill S , and Speed Serum S

17.2) The Healing Machine item will not be sold at the market and will be obtainable only from NPCs. However, players can still sell / buy this item through bazaar

17.3) Effect of the following items modified / improved : Accuracy Serum , Attack Serum , Critical Serum , Defense Serum , Evasion Serum , SpAttack Serum , SpDefense Serum , Speed Serum

18.0) Monster Type filtering naming order fixed in various pages such as: Buy Monster from Bazaar, etc.

19.0) The alignment of NPC images on maps will be the fixed to the correct position next time maps are reshuffled

20.0) The alignment of user trainer sprites on maps fixed to the correct position on maps according to the user's location / coordinates

21.0) The interface of Monster statistics displayed on Manage Monster Team, See User all Monster, and Manage Reward Monster pages improved

22.0) The interface and the content quality of the Contact page improved :

23.0) The interface and the content quality of the Credits page improved :

24.0) The way Google anti-botting system re-captcha works changed

24.1) Please read the updated system here :

25.0) Sorting by NPC winning rewards feature added to the NPC list and defeating history page :

26.0) Maximum Prestige level cap increased to 130 and it is finalized :

27.0) Before the game update time (7 AM game time), if you are still in a Daily Boss battle, your battle will get deleted with the update

27.1) Whenever you make a page refresh on the battle page, you current Daily Boss battle event damage will get updated (not with every attack with page refresh e.g. Monster switching)

27.2) Still, it would be best to end your Daily Boss battle before the game update happens (7 AM game time)

27.3) Boss event thread updated read from here :

28.0) Maximum number of Monster you can have increased to 20,000 (it was 10,000)

29.0) Now top 10 Monster is counted in Top Trainers score calculation (it was 6)

29.1) You can read updated thread here :

30.0) The number of Monster you can put to trade or sell at the same time raised to 1,000 from 50 (both have calculated separately)

30.1) If you are at your 1,000 limit and want to put new Monster to trade or sell, please remove previous ones you have put

30.2) All Monster at the market whether put to the trade or sell will be removed from the market after 30 days of inactivity (whenever you update the price or remove from trade and put back, timer restart)

31.0) Interface and the details of the displayed message when a player is banned in chat is improved

31.1) Now all chat moderators have to enter a valid reason when banning a player from chat and this reason will be displayed to the banned player

32.0) A new feature added to the Set / Manage your Monster page :

32.1) Now you can select multiple Monsters and remove their held item at once

32.2) The remove button is located at the very bottom of the page

32.3) The removal results will also be displayed after button click

33.0) If your next enemy in any Tournament were battle at the moment, you could have encountered with his/her currently selected Monster in that another battle

33.1) With this problem, you would be having have to defeat 7 Monster of enemy and also banned / restricted Monster were appearing in Tournament battles

33.2) This issue is fixed as date of 9 PM Game Time : 2021-05-02

33.3) Basically you should never encounter with any banned / restricted Monsters in any Tournaments anymore

34.0) Various bug fixes such as when Monster transformation requirement was X stat bigger than Y stat such as Attack bigger than Defense, the system was not working correctly. This system error and various other system errors are fixed

35.0) Seasonal ranking system updated and improved :

35.1) Endless Tower Max Level will also give rewards from now on

36.0) Now you can transfer your Patron coins to other players from daily activities page :

36.0) It is allowed to transfer your Patron coins to the other players with in game gold or trading Monster

37.0) You know that we are using Google reCAPTCHA for preventing macro / bot playing

37.1) Our system works based on user actions which you can read more details on this thread :

37.2) We have updated the system and added that whenever Struggle move is used, your action counter will be increased by 100

37.3) We have found out that the Struggle move was being abused for automated playing

38.0) Endless Tower System greatly improved and now you will get awesome rewards as you progress

38.1) The system will give you rewards up to 2000 Endless Tower levels and you will be able to get rewards after each Endless Tower Season

38.2) You can see more information on the Endless Tower Battles page :

38.3) Please also read updated Endless Tower System forum thread :

39.0) User interfaces of all of the market pages are greatly improved : Buy Item From NPC (Market), Sell Item At NPC (Market), Buy Item From Bazaar, Sell Item At Bazaar, Buy Monster From Bazaar, Sell Monster At Bazaar, Put Monster to Trade, Show Offers to My Trade Monster, Search on Trade Monster, Show My Trade Offers, Make a Trade Offer to a Monster, Offers Made to a Monster

39.1) Now you can filter items by their exact names or by doing a wild card search such as typing "def" at the following market pages: Buy Item From NPC (Market), Sell Item At NPC (Market), Buy Item From Bazaar, Sell Item At Bazaar

39.2) The order of displayed Monster at the market pages were randomly changing after each refresh or page change. Now if you are not sorting the displayed results with any options such as level, price, average level, etc., they will be always sorted by Identity Id ascending. So it will be much more convenient for you to use Sell / Trade Monster at the market

39.3) The order of displayed Monster at the buy Monster from bazaar page was randomly changing after each refresh or page change. Now if you are not sorting the displayed results with any options such as level, price, etc., they will be always sorted by market date. Therefore, at the top you will see latest Monster that are put to the bazaar

40.0) Filtering Monster by moves in the MonsterDex was not working properly. Bug has been fixed and now works perfect

41.0) A new feature added to the Set / Manage your Monster page :

41.1) Now you can mount a held item to the multiple Monsters at once

41.2) Pick the item from drop down menu at the bottom of the page and then you can mount that held item to the all check box selected Monsters at once

42.0) There were sorting by HP, Defense, Attack or such sorting errors at some pages such as see a User's all Monsters page or MonsterDex

42.1) These sorting errors fixed. If you encounter such error again please let me know

43.0) When viewing a user's all Monsters list, there were happening page count error when you were doing sorting or filtering. This error is fixed

44.0) Daily activities system updated

44.1) Some of the grinding reduced and some more variety of events added

44.2) With a new activity maximum daily prestige points increased to 550 from 500 (with 0 boost)

44.3) You can read all activities on this page :

45.0) Now with patron coins boost you will get bonus damage to your Guild Quest battles

45.1) The bonus will be applied at the end of the battle to your total inflicted damage

45.2) Updated Patron page :

46.0) Now Global Patron bonus will provide bonus damage to your Guild Quest battles

46.1) You can read all details regarding to Global Patron bonus at this page :

47.0) Now EXP and Gold events started by admin or by users via reward shop will provide bonus damage to your Guild Quest battles

47.1) You can read all details regarding to Global bonus EXP and Gold events started from reward shop here :

48.0) New weekly event added to the game : Live Tournament Battle Count

48.1) All the tournament battles you participate, including user composed ones, will bring you 1 score if you are online during the tournament battle

48.2) You will get weekly event score even if you lose the tournament battle

48.3) Weekly Events:

49.0) The move effect "Makes Target HP Equal To User" working mechanism changed

49.1) Previously, this kind of moves were useable only against enemies which have lesser HP than your Monster

49.2) Now such effect having moves will be useable against all Monsters

49.3) Example move for such effect is : Equality

49.4) All moves listing page:

50.0) The following features having moves are disabled to be used in Endless Tower Battles:

50.1) (a) "Makes Target HP Equal To User" - Such as : Equality

51.0) Now you can block automatic live PvP battle option for certain players

51.1) Blocking page :

51.2) You can access this link in your control panel page and also in do PvP battle page

52.0) New searching filter added to the search player page :

52.1) Now you can search players who is a member of a guild or not a member of a guild

53.0) New held item Party Educational Armor added to the NPC market

53.1) If one Monster has Party Educational Armor item and the Monster is not fainted, total gained EXP at the battle equally shared between all party members. Party member does not have to participate battle to gain EXP but has to be at the team and has to be not fainted.

53.2) Party Educational Armor and Educational Armor items do not stack. Only Party Educational Armor should be effective

54.0) New player chat posting time interval reduced to 60 seconds from 180 seconds

54.1) When player reaches account level 2, the interval becomes 5 seconds

55.0) When you compose your own tournament, now you can set a reward Monster to rank 1,2 and 3 players

55.1) The Monster has to be in your storage (not market, trade, bag, etc.), not account bound and not locked

55.2) It is allowed to set a Monster reward for any rank individually. Such as giving a reward to only rank 3 player

55.4) Tournament compose page :

56.0) Art designer title having players were not able to select back their art designer chat color. This problem is fixed

57.0) Now when you earn a Daily Reward Monster, you will get a private message from the system

57.1) This PM will notify you about claiming your reward before it expires (you have 72 hours to claim)

58.0) At some occasions, HP bar in Battle page was getting over 100% and was looking weird

58.1) This visual only bug is fixed

59.0) Losing HP due to side effects of Moves will be expressed better in battles now

60.0) In rare occasions, the winner of the tournament battles were being recorded incorrectly. So the winner player were being counted as the loser

60.1) This bug is fixed

61.0) Guild quest damage is separated into 2 distinct part

61.1) (a) Last / Total Guild (Current) Quest Damage: This will be accumulated based on your current Guild and will get reset if you leave your Guild

61.2) (b) All Guilds Cumulative Guild Quest Damage: This will be accumulated cumulatively and never get reset even if you change your Guild

61.3) Guild quest damages are visible on users' profile page :

61.4) I also started to replace "Clan Quest" wording to "Guild Quest". So if you see anywhere in the game as Clan Quest let me know

61.5) All Guilds Cumulative Guild Quest Damage seasonal ranking added to the system and will become available with current Seasonal ranking

62.0) Last login / online information of players are not updated at every page for performance. Therefore, even though user logins and do some actions, their last login date was not getting accurately updating

62.1) We have increased number of pages where last login / online date is updated

63.0) Now you can chat block maximum 250 players

63.1) When you try to block a player from chat screen and if you have reached 250 blocked players, you will receive error information message

63.2) You can also chat block players from My Account > Blocked Players page :

63.3) You can unblock players from My Account > Blocked Players page :

64.0) The wording of Total Monsters Count replaced to Listed Monsters Count in Set Monster Team and Reward Monster pages

64.1) (a):

64.2) (b):

64.3) Also, a bug in the code fixed and now Listed Monsters Count will show you the number of displayed Monsters based on active filtering on these pages

65.0) The action result messages displayed on Manage Reward Monsters page greatly improved

65.0) Such as changing Nature of a Monster or changing Ability set of a Monster

66.0) Pagination fixed and improved in all market pages

67.0) Number of displayed Monsters per page in Manage & Set Your Monster Team, Manage Reward Monsters pages reduced to 50 from 100

68.0) Duplicate display of Monster transformation definitions in Monster MonsterDex individual pages fixed

68.1) Redundant display of Monster transformation definitions in Monster MonsterDex individual pages fixed

69.0) Now you can get back your mega transformation gems from account bound reward Monsters as well

69.1) Be careful to return basic form message (it will show you different message for older and newer Monsters) since this rule only applies to newer Monsters not older ones

70.0) Banned words checking added to the Guild naming as well

71.0) Overworld sprite selection system greatly improved

71.1) A new dedicated page added game to list and pick overworld sprites quickly

71.2) Dedicated overworld sprite page can be accessed from settings page and from this link :

72.0) Action results messages displaying system of Reward Shop page revamped and greatly improved :

72.1) So for each action like getting a Pokemon with a silver medal action result will be displayed in a much better visual way

73.0) We were using an ad company's ads at some pages and they were not as good quality and appropriate as Google ads

73.1) This bad ads displaying ad company removed and now we will display only Google ads

74.0) Game infrastructure is updated to the newest technology

74.1) The game was running on Windows Server 2012 R2 and now it is running on Windows Server 2019 - IIS 10

74.2) With migration from IIS 8.5 to IIS 10, now the game server supports HTTP/2 as well

74.3) With operating system upgrade, game should run faster and smoother

75.0) Game database management software updated to the newest technology

75.1) Now game is running on SQL Server 2019 Web edition and this should bring some performance boost in some cases

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