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This thread will explain huge collection (between 5.0.1 and 5.4.0) of updates (Over 5 months)

Update Logs Of Version 5.4.0

1.0) Now you can sell Account Bound items to NPC and you will get 100% of the gold you have spent for upgrading

1.1) Account bound items now can be upgraded with a 100% chance instead of a level based chance. The upgrade costs re-adjusted according to this system change

1.2) Now you can upgrade account-bound items to any set level you want with a single click. First, activate the item, then enter the target level to the text box and then click the upgrade button of the desired account-bound item. The system will try to upgrade the item to the set level until your Gold is depleted or the level reached

1.3) 2 New account-bound items Experience Weapon and Egg Booster added to the game

1.4) Account Bound items page:

1.5) More information about account-bound items:

2.0) Patron system and the page are updated:

3.0) Now you can see the obtained rewards after each battle with much more rich details

3.1) After each battle, you can click "show rewards in details" button to display obtained rewards screen

4.0) Now you can set custom names to your quick teams

4.1) Quick custom team count increased to 20

4.2) You can set your quick teams from Set Monsters Team page:

4.3) Set quick team page's functionality and user interface improved

5.0) The user interface of Battle Result page improved

6.0) The user interface of Battle page improved

6.1) Several errors in battle mechanics are fixed such as computer-controlled enemy Monster using 0 MP left moves

7.0) The algorithm of how computer-controlled Monster selects its next move is significantly improved

7.1) This algorithmic improvement will make wild Monster and NPC battles more challenging and will improve your PvP battles when your account is computer-controlled (e.g. as in Guild War battles)

8.0) Some errors in PvP Battles Panel page fixed

8.1) User interface of PvP Battles Panel page improved:

9.0) The user interface of buy / trade Monster at the bazaar, buy item from bazaar pages are slightly improved

9.1) Now the title having players will be slightly better represented in buy pages of bazaar

9.2) The Monsters sold / traded in the bazaar will be displayed with much better details at the trade / sell history of Monsters page:

9.3) A new page to display records of sold items at the bazaar composed and will display the history of sold items with great details:

10.0) The user interface of the game chat panel improved

10.1) The color of text messages in the chat panel colored according to user titles

10.2) You can see more details related to the colorization of user chat messages at the control panel page:

10.3) New badges according to user's top trainers rank added to the right side of the username at the game chat panel

11.0) The user interface of the home page, login page, select Monster page, and register page are improved

12.0) Main navigation menu buttons are completely revamped and improved

12.1) Submenus of main navigation are completely revamped and improved

12.2) Background wallpaper image of the game updated and improved

12.3) Top and bottom logo of the game are updated

13.0) Shortcut links that exist on the top and bottom section of every page updated

14.0) The user interface of private messaging system (e.g. received messages, sent messages, post new message, etc.) completely improved

15.0) Now you can lock the Monsters from Monster details page

15.1) The locked Monster can not be traded, sold, released to the wild or transformed back to basic stage

15.2) The lock can be lifted or put back any time as you wish for free

15.3) This new feature prevents you from taking mistaken actions

16.0) Sometimes the battles were ending before you select a Monster and this was preventing you to enter battle page until you clear your browser cookies. This bug is fixed

17.0) Daily activities page updated and improved:

18.0) The Favicon of the game is updated and improved. Now it supports every platform (e.g. composing game address shortcut on the main screen of Android and IOS devices)

19.0) Due to the Monster events automatically starting in the maps, statistics displayed at the individual pages of maps were becoming incorrect. This bug is fixed

20.0) A new page that lists game versions added to the game:

21.0) Guild leaders now can assign second co-leader which would have the same privileges as the main co-leader

22.0) The result panel interface of item usage while in battle improved. A button for quickly returning to battle page added

23.0) The user interface and functionality of manage and set Monsters team page improved:

23.1) Some filterings were getting reset meanwhile navigation between pagination. For example, IV and EV filterings. These filterings will not be lost anymore

23.2) Now you can select all Monsters at once and sell them to the NPC at once

24.0) A button for quickly navigating to the very top of the pages added to the right bottom of the game interface

25.0) You will not see anymore the music player while playing on a mobile device. This change will make your mobile device to utilize screen more efficiently

26.0) Now you can set a custom game background wallpaper image yourself

26.1) You can make this change from user control panel :

27.0) The Monster egg rewards from Zone Guardians and Arena Leaders significantly increased

27.1) To prevent abusing this egg improvement by multi-accounting, account bound egg system added to the game

27.2) Account-bound Monster eggs will produce account-bound Monster

27.3) Monster eggs page user interface improved :

27.4) Now you can batch hatch Monster eggs (up to 100 maximum at once)

28.0) To the left side of user's top trainers rank displayed in user's profile page, new badges added related to user's top trainers rank

29.0) Seasonal ranking system added to the game

29.1) Seasons are set to be 3 months periods

29.2) Starting date of the first season set to be 2019/12/01

29.3) Beginning of the second season set to be 2020/03/01

29.4) The third season has started at date 2020/06/01 and will end at 2020/09/01. The further seasons will follow the same pattern

29.5) Many statistics are recorded for each season and they are kept permanently. You can look for these statistics anytime you wish

29.6) Top ranking players in 3 different categories are rewarded greatly for each season

29.7) You can access to more information related seasonal rankings from this thread :

29.8) You can access to seasonal rankings from top trainers page or directly from this page :

30.0) Now it is limited to have maximum 3 upper case letters in your username

30.1) Usernames that contains more than 3 upper case letters have been lower cased

30.2) Users that their username have been lower cased can change their username for free again

30.3) You can change your username from user control panel :

31.0) When you mouse hover over the clock at the right top now more information will be displayed

31.1) You will see day times as well (Morning, Day, Night, Evening)

32.0) PvP battles board updated and the interface is improved

32.1) Now you will see more information related to battles

32.2) Will be displayed battle types information :
a) Not an ELO League Battle
b) Computer Controlled - Free Battle
c) Live PvP - Free Battle
d) Guild War Battle
e) Tournament Battle
f) ELO PvP Battle
g) ELO PvP Revenge Battle

32.3) Draw battles will be shown with draw battle info

32.4) PvP battles board can be accessed from under Rankings main menu button or from here :

33.0) Patron system updated and improved :

34.0) New page explaining information related to playing games added please read carefully

34.1) Is Playing Games Waste of Time:

35.0) Now you can exchange 1 Gold Medal to 25,000,000 game gold

35.1) This exchange can be made from Reward Shop (It is located under My Account menu button) page :

36.0) Now you can exchange your Tournament Coins with Silver Medals

36.1) This exchange can be made in Reward Shop page :

37.0) The user interface or game rules page improved

37.1) Game rules updated please read carefully :

38.0) Now you can disable avatars of other users displayed on maps

38.1) Now you can get all system announcement private messages again even if you had got them previously

38.2) These settings changes can be made from user control panel :

39.0) The user interface of fly between maps page improved

39.1) The working systematic of fly between maps improved

39.2) You can access fly between maps page under Adventure menu button or from here :

40.0) The user interface of game main page (Adventure page) slightly improved

41.0) Daily boss battles will not affect your Battle win or loss count anymore

42.0) Lots of typing errors fixed in various pages and general text improvement has been made

43.0) Due to a bug that existed previously, computer-controlled enemy Monster were able to use 0 MP left moves. This bug is fixed now

44.0) The way Beyond Type ability works improved and fixed

44.1) New description : "Allows the Pokémon to hit immune opponents (ignores type immunities, does not ignore resistances and weaknesses)."

45.0) New gameplay shortcuts added to the game :

46.0) New weekly event Egg Hatching added to the system

46.1) For each class Monster egg hatching you will get certain points:
a) Regular : 1
b) Superior : 2
c) Emissary : 4
d) Zenith : 8
e) Starter : 16
f) Legendary : 16
g) Ancient : 32

46.2) To be able to get points, that egg has to be obtained withing that event's week (eggs obtained only after that week's event started)

46.3) You can filter the eggs that are obtained after the last active weekly event started from MyEggs page right now :

46.4) You can see new event from Weekly Events page :

47.0) The EXP and Gold you obtain from all Wild Monster battles are permanently doubled as algorithm update. So now you will get 100% more EXP and Gold from all Wild Monster battles

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