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Game link >
Game Register link >
Official Discord channel (definitely join) >
Official Facebook page >
Official Twitter page >
Previous version update logs >

1) New Endless Tower system added to the game

Full information about new system can be found here >

2) Top trainers ranking system updated

Now MonsterDex Event Completion and Endless Tower maximum level also bring points

Here the updated thread >

3) Rankings by MonsterDex Event Completion and Endless Tower maximum level added to the Top Trainers page >

4) New weekly event Endless Tower level added

Your score is based on how further you have reached within that week

5) Profile page updated and now shows information about MonsterDex Event and Endless Tower >

6) The battle logs shown during a battle is now reset at every 50 turns and page is refreshed

7) User control panel updated and more settings added >

8) Filtering based on Total UV and TP added to the following pages

> Set Monster Team :
> Buy Monster Bazaar :
> Sell Monster Bazaar :
> Search Trade Monster :

9) Previously, there was a bug that prevented using both UV and TP filter at the same time. This bug is fixed

10) Negative status effects capture rate bonuses were not working when trying to capture wild Monster via Monster Boxes and it is fixed

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